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KASTA METAL - piscine

When was the last time you really got the chance to relax and unwind?

Our lives are so caught up in routines that eat up from our time that we often forget to take some time out and recharge ourselves. Imagine your home had a mini spa center, designed just for you and your needs... It's all just a click away.

Kasta Metal is a Romanian-American joint venture, that's been on the Romanian market since 1993. We were one of the first companies to ever introduce the modular panel technology on the local market which allows the construction of a unique shaped pool in a short time span.

Throughout our existence we've had over 600 successful pool projects done and our focus lies in offering complete solutions to our customers - from project consultancy to project implementation and after sales service.

We're here to help!
We're a firm believer that there are no two similar projects and that if you can dream it, you can do it. This is why we're focused on you! We would like to know YOUR wishes and dreams when it comes to pools and wellness so that we can transform these into reality.

We're passionate about design!
We work with a team of specialists - architects, designers, landscape artists - who manage to capture the vision of our customer's projects and transform them into something tangible.  

Think like a Pro!
We like a good technical challenge. Our team consists of professionals who have a lot of experience in constructing and installing swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs and other wellness products. We've had projects just about anywhere - installed hot tubs and pools on buildings, dug up special projects in difficult areas and have always succeeded to have a smiling customer.

Your Spa Center awaits!
Space is not a problem, it's a matter of perception. We can create a tiny leisure oasis in your home wherever it may be in Romania or abroad. It can include a variety of features, from a regular pool to one with transparent walls or a SwimSpa, a sauna, a hot tub, waterfalls and many more.

We'd be happy to share more information with you so please contact us on comenzi@kasta.com.

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to meeting you!

KASTA METAL - piscine